The Fawns Are Coming Soon!

We are going to reproduce many articles from the web that have helped us with raising Whitetail deer. To further help other new deer farmers we will reproduce health help pages and first hand experiences from what has worked for other deer ranchers as well as the Eslabon Ranch staff. We will start at the beginning “Fawns”.

Caution ! The medicines and cures suggested in this blog is NOT an exact science.
They are cures that has worked for other deer ranchers and compiled for you to use.
What works for some may not work for others.
Every animal is special and needs its own special care. Many deer farmers are more experienced with deer than some vets. Pick you vet. carefully.
I will be updating this info as time and input become available.

Care of Newborns and Orphans: Plan ahead!

So you want to play mom.

Wait to take the fawn away from its mom late in the evening NO sooner then 12 hours after birth, we try to leave them with their mothers for 30 to 36 hours. (They must have their Mom’s first Colostrum to survive) and after you pick them up don’t try to feed them until the next morning.
They are very hungry by then and seem to accept the bottle better.
Sit down on the floor cross legged and fold the baby up in your lap. Try to use your left hand with your arm over its back to pry the mouth open by placing your thumb and finger in in it’s mouth on each side of its lower jaw and hold the bottle with the other. This way when they throw their head back it will be harder to lose the nipple from their mouth. Be gentle about opening their mouth as you may injure them. A SLIGHT in and out motion with the nipple in their mouth seems to stimulate the sucking reflex.
This “force-feeding” process usually doesn’t last long once you gain their trust and they realize you are “mama”.
You must stimulate them to defecate and urinate until they are about 3 weeks old every time you feed them. You can do the stimulation thing with a damp warm sponge or baby wipes. Generally they will go for you while they are eating and you stimulate them at the same time. If they don’t go, don’t try to force them every time. Once they start to defecate and urinate when you wipe you will notice they have realized your mom, and it’s easier to feed them.
Generally a fawn will start feeding on greens at about 2 weeks of age. One way to get a bottle baby started eating solid food is, you can take green clover or alfalfa and let them sniff and lick it until you can put it in their mouth and let them nibble, also you can use a pellet crushed and push it in the back corner of their mouth.
You can use yeast or probiotics mixed with the milk to help set up the digestive system.
What works for one may not always work for the next.
Make sure you ALWAYS have fresh water available from day one and keep fresh greens and pellets available in bowls.
Deer are normally browsers and eat leaves from various types of South Texas brush, alfalfa and clover’s are top choice of legumes.


You must offer black dirt in a dish (fresh every 3 days) from day one until released. There is good bacteria in the dirt that the fawns need to get their rumen started.Get the black dirt from your yard where the grass grows, you can have some sod roots in it. ( Do not use Potting soil ! )This is for them to set up their digestive system to digest the plant life in your area. Every location has a different bacteria specific with that location.


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